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Fire Fighting Vehicles

We currently produce up to 120 vehicles per annum with the capacity to expand that capability.
Marcé is an ISO 9001-2015 registered company. We are also registered with the SABS as a bodybuilder and with the South African Department of Transport as a Manufacturer, Importer and Bodybuilder. We have two manufacturing plants in South Africa the one being our plant and HQ in Centurion and a second manufacturing plant in Cape Town R.S.A. Apart from these plants we have several branches in South Africa and abroad Our footprint in Africa includes fully functional branches namely Marcé Mozambique Marcé Botswana, Marcé Namibia and Marcé Zimbabwe. We also have representation in most of the African Countries as well as abroad. We firmly believe in local job creation and local production and 98% of the vehicles we deliver are manufactured locally.

Approximately 98% of vehicles supplied by our company are proudly manufactured in South Africa. The following are typical units manufactured by us.

We offer a wide variety of fire fighting vehicles ranging from: medium to major pumpers, water tankers, bush fire rescue vehicles, custom and commercial ARFF vehicles, skid units, rapid intervention vehicles as well as specialized vehicles.


The Marcé fire bodies are precision designed and laser cut to exact size. It is then bent and welded using the latest technology in body construction. Every part is ISO numbered to ensure that all parts are available on file should they require later replacement.


Vehicle Refurbishments

Marcé successfully refurbishes old fire fighting vehicles to extend the lifespan and functionality of the vehicle. This option affords a client the ability to renew the fire fighting fleet without having to pay for a new vehicle.


Fire Fighting Equipment

Marcé supplies a vast array of equipment and can source virtually any piece of equipment that a client requires. Our equipment division is one of the major equipment suppliers in South Africa and Africa, with a dedicated team of personnel ready to serve all your needs. We have various unique Marcé products to ensure that you, the end user, can handle any emergency with peace of mind. We are proud to boost our range of products and world class NFPA and EN certified products.


SCBA – Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

We have our own range of SCBA equipment and components as part of our product range.


Protective Clothing

Marcé Supplies an extensive range of NFPA and EN Certified personal protective ensemble.


Gas Detection Devices

Marcé supplies its own range of portable gas detection devices. Our BX616 portable multi-gas detector can detect combustible gas, oxygen and 2 other kinds of toxic gases simultaneously


Fire Fighting Foam

FireAde® is the most complete and user friendly fire fighting agent produced in the world. Environmentally formulated, FireAde® AR-AFFF is the newest generation in Alcohol-Resistant Aqueous Film Forming Foam.


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Fire Station Turnkey Solutions

Marcé is the only supplier in the world market that is supplying a complete solution for the emergency services starting from the design, engineering, and construction of the fire station buildings, the supply of fire fighting vehicles and equipment, training, after sales maintenance and finance.
Our solution offers:

  • Faster construction time
  • Stronger material
  • Environmentally friendly buildings
  • Affordability
  • Turnkey Operation


Fire Fighting Components

The research and development division of Marcé ensures that our clients are kept up to date with the latest innovations and technology that is available in the world market. Not only do we keep, up but we are proud to also manufacture our own components locally. To this extend the Mamba 6 and Mamba 3 roof and bumper turrets are developed and manufactured as a fully local Marcé product and is sold worldwide.


Marcé developed our own vehicle and pump management software and control system that is capable of controlling multiple functions on the vehicle. Connecting to any vehicle OEM’s CANBUS system, Marcé vehicle management system is able to control all engine functions as well as pump and lighting controls. A HUMS system able to proactively diagnose vehicle conditions with the ability to download all information.


Controls available are extensive and range form pump operation controls to diagnostic information for fleet management purposes. What makes the system unique is the fact that we can program interfaces according to client’s requirements. The cabin of our Rhino ARFF range of vehicles is developed and manufactured by Marcé in south Africa

Asset Management  & Computer Aided Dispatch

Marce has developed a whole range of software solutions to ensure that the fire stations we construct can function as a completely integrated unit to a level unparalleled in the market. We have developed real time command, control and dispatch software with data and time stamping of all recorded calls, actions, movements of vehicles and feedback received from staff during operations.

One of the biggest challenges facing remote stations is asset control. We have developed a bar coding system for all assets per location. Daily inspection sheets can be print-ed and movement of assets between locations can be controlled.


Management of fire station personnel can also be done with the Marcé software.

• Fingerprint technology can be used to assure attendance and provide time sheets
• Maintenance scheduling of assets can be controlled and managed
• Renewal of licenses of drivers
• Medical fitness renewals can be controlled
• Shift workers can be controlled
• Vehicle maintenance can be planned and managed
• High value assets can be tracked with life tracking systems ensuring that equipment losses are reported immediately as and when they occur


Marcé CAD Software is a fully functional CAD (computer aided dispatch) system that includes such options as vehicle tracking, automatic e-mail notifications and more.

Our CAD software extends to our android mobile platform which allows for tracking of units in service and incident information display for fire fighters responding or on scene. Live incident overview available on your smart device.

At Marcé we understand that the cost of commercial CAD products can pose a real hurdle to many organizations – whether volunteer or career that really could use a capable CAD product in their operations.  Marcé CAD may be able to help you clear that hurdle and help make scarce funding available to meet other needs.