Marcé has developed a whole range of software solutions to ensure that the fire stations we construct can function as a completely integrated unit to a level unparalleled in the market. We have developed real time command, control and dispatch software with data and time stamping of all recorded calls, actions, movements of vehicles and feedback received from staff during operations.

Asset Management

One of the biggest challenges facing remote stations is asset control. We have developed a bar coding system for all assets per location. Daily inspection sheets can be print-ed and movement of assets between locations can be controlled.

Management of fire station personnel can also be done with the Marcé software.

• Fingerprint technology can be used to assure attendance and provide time sheets
• Maintenance scheduling of assets can be controlled and managed
• Renewal of licenses of drivers
• Medical fitness renewals can be controlled
• Shift workers can be controlled
• Vehicle maintenance can be planned and managed
• High value assets can be tracked with life tracking systems ensuring that equipment losses are reported immediately as and when they occur

Computer Aided Dispatch

Marcé CAD Software is a fully functional CAD (computer aided dispatch) system that includes such options as vehicle tracking, automatic e-mail notifications and more. Our CAD software extends to our android mobile platform which allows for tracking of units in service and incident information display for fire fighters responding or on scene. Live incident overview available on your smart device.

At Marcé we understand that the cost of commercial CAD products can pose a real hurdle to many organizations – whether volunteer or career that really could use a capable CAD product in their operations.  Marcé CAD may be able to help you clear that hurdle and help make scarce funding available to meet other needs.