4x4 Medium Rescue Pumper

MAN TGM 18.280 Double Cab

Vehicle Overview


  • MAN TGM 18.280 4x4 Double Cab Chassis

Fire Fighting System

  • 4000 l/min normal pressure
  • 450 l/min high pressure
  • ATP Foam induction
  • 3500 Litre water tank
  • 400 Litre Class B foam tank

Ancillary Equipment & Fixtures

  • Fully equipped
  • Hydraulic ladder gantry
  • Reverse camera with screen on dashboard
  • Bull bar with winch

Driving & Crew Compartment

  • Seating for driver plus 4 crew members
  • SCBA seats for crew

Pump Discharges

  • Manual deck monitor

Emergency Lighting & Siren System

  • Red LED flashers on vehicle

Vehicle Body

  • Marcé all aluminium extrusion and bended plate body welded for added strength and durability
  • 6 lateral full height body compartments
  • 1 rear body compartment with drop down step housing the pump

Hose Reels

  • Two 30m high pressure hose reels


  • 2 LED scene lights at rear of body
  • 2 LED scene lights each side of the vehicle

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