The research and development division of Marcé ensures that our clients are kept up to date with the latest innovations and technology that is available in the world market. Not only do we keep, up but we are proud to also manufacture our own components locally. To this extend the Mamba 6 and Mamba 3 roof and bumper turrets are developed and manufactured as a fully local Marcé product and is sold worldwide.

Marcé developed our own vehicle and pump management software and control system that is capable of controlling multiple functions on the vehicle. Connecting to any vehicle OEM’s CANBUS system, Marcé vehicle management system is able to control all engine functions as well as pump and lighting controls. A HUMS system able to proactively diagnose vehicle conditions with the ability to download all information.

Controls available are extensive and range form pump operation controls to diagnostic information for fleet management purposes. What makes the system unique is the fact that we can program interfaces according to client’s requirements. The cabin of our Rhino ARFF range of vehicles is developed and manufactured by Marcé in south Africa