Asset Management

Total life cycle of all department assets


  • Track asset information including pictures, description, brand, model, manufacturer
  • Track what equipment/vehicle is due for service or is coming into service
  • Include file attachments and notes
  • Check-in and Check-out assets to personnel
  • Maintain an Electronic Service log


  • Eliminate time wasted for and replacing lost or missing assets
  • Keep track of who has an asset and when is it due for service
  • Maintain a central repository for service logs, manuals, and instructions
  • Track vendors and contracts

Marcé Asset Management software is a windows based asset management system which   manages asset across departments, locations, facilities, and in some case department units. By managing assets across facilities, departments can improve utilization and performance, reduce capital costs, asset related operating costs and extend asset life and subsequently improve ROA (return on asset)

SCBA Tracker is a Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) & Personal Alert Safety (PASS) Maintenance Record System.

If you're ever wished you could organize all your SCBA & PASS unit records and keep on top of the maintenance requirements with a minimum of effort, then Marcé SCBA Tracker is the program for you. This is one piece of apparatus no fire department should be without

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